Ten Reasons to Love Yourself

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We all feel down on ourselves sometimes and it hurts. Mostly we are telling ourselves a negative story where we didn’t meet up with our impossible expectations, or we’re re-running some old program that we picked up at a very young age, or we’re just stuck on the doomsday channel. How can you feel good about yourself when you’re beating on yourself? Does it really help you to be a better person or is it really making everything worse? Put an end to it now! See what a difference it makes when you are vibrating at a higher level. Here are ten good reasons to love and appreciate YOU!

1. You are lovable. You were born lovable and it is your true nature. You had to learn to feel bad about yourself. It isn’t your natural state.

2. You are contagious. When you love yourself, you extend loving energy into the world. A smile and kind words can spread throughout the day and you’ll never really know all the goodness you created from starting that sparkling ripple.

3. You are unique. You are not supposed to be like everyone else or compare yourself to everyone else. Each person is having a unique experience of life. You experience life like no one else! No one else can see and feel what you feel. Life is God’s gift to you – your experience of life is your gift to God.

4. You are always here. People and things will come and go in life but you will always be with you.

5. You are powerful. Your power is in your choices. Feeling love is just a choice away.

6. You are Love. You always have love within you if you look for it and allow it to expand. The more you love, the more love you have. You can bless! What a gift to this world!

7. When you love yourself, you make the world a better place. It is easier to love others, appreciate your life and bless what is. It is healing and nurturing to everyone and everything that lives.

8. You are a magnet. You attract people and situations vibrating on the same level as you. Loving yourself improves your entire life!

9. You are reading this! You care about yourself, your love, and your world. You care about loving kindness.

10. You are capable of great love, wisdom and power. You’ve had many great moments. Just think of a few right now.

There are many, many more reasons. At least a gazillion, so please ‘comment’ and add your own to share!

Ho’oponopono to Heal Your Inner and Outer Worlds

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Ho'oponopono Guided MeditationHo’oponopono is a Huna process that brings balance or harmony to your life. It is a beautiful process of clearing and forgiving the memories and energies you hold within you to create well-being in your inner and outer worlds.  Huna is a very ancient system of knowledge that dates back thousands of years to some of the earliest teachings on Earth. For years it remained a secret, and as such the teachings have been kept very pure. Today, Huna teachings are available for everyone’s benefit, one of the most beneficial being the teachings of Ho’oponopono. The energy of everyone you have known and everything you have done resides within you. This energy affects your behavior now. It’s part of the filter and belief system that makes up your perception and how you interpret everything that happens to you.  For instance, if you have been carrying around guilt and a belief that you are not good at intimate relationships because of an event in the past, that energy and those beliefs affect all your intimate relationships now and maintains the perception that your can’t be successfully intimate. Even when opportunities in life arise where you can be close to another, you may push them away or misperceive their actions because of the energy you still carry with you. In the process of ho’oponopono, you clear and balance that energy so it can no longer affect your experience of life in a negative way.  It’s like clearing away a fog that prevents you from seeing life as it really is. Gradually you get back to your clear, natural state of Love and Joy. It is your inner energies that are creating your reality. Events in the outer world, our objective reality, are just events and affect everyone differently because we all carry different energy within us.  The way we interpret these events, due to our memories, programs and beliefs, creates our inner subjective reality. It is this inner reality that is creating our experience of life. It IS our life. So when we change our inner world, through clearing and balancing, we change the experience of life itself.  Our perception changes. We start noticing different things in the outer world and giving them different meanings. This is an amazing thing to know because it means that you can take responsibility for your experience and have the power to change your world. As we all find more peace and balance within, our outer world will become one of more love, joy and harmony as well. There is a special formula to ho’oponopono that allows this healing. It is actually the underlying formula used in many ancient as well as modern healing practices.  It engages the subconscious, conscious and Higher Self all at once, your Whole Self. If you leave any one of these out, healing can’t take place. Here is the formula: BALANCE = IDENTITY + LOVE + FORGIVENESS + GRATITUDE IDENTITY: When you first notice there is a problem, you have a choice. You can either engage in the problem and become part of it with blame and thinking, or you can choose to see it for what it is, unbalanced energy, and begin the healing and clearing process. It is a matter of identity. Are you identifying with the problem? or are you identifying with the greater part of you, the Divine part of you that can heal it? LOVE: You send Love to the problem.  You are accepting the problem rather than suppressing it. If you suppress something, it persists and gets stuck. It doesn’t change; it just keeps coming back and bothering you over and over again. Instead, you can recognize that it is just energy within you that is trying to be integrated and healed. Love connects you to your Higher Self/God/Divinity which is the true healer, and, love gets the energy unstuck and flowing. So, all healing involves Love. Healing is integrating and gathering back the unbalanced energy so it can be balanced. FORGIVENESS: Forgiveness is freedom. What you are forgiving is not that you did something wrong or that the problem is wrong. Nothing is wrong; it’s just out of balance because this energy was created in you through wounding and misperceptions which is just part of the human process. In forgiving you are recognizing that you are responsible for these energies within you and that you are also the means to allow their clearing. So, in evoking forgiveness you are allowing the memories, patterns, and energies to be released. You are done clinging to them and you are giving them permission to be integrated and healed. GRATITUDE: Finally, a feeling of gratitude for the entire healing process. This seals it.  When you are thankful for something you accept that is has been done and given to you. Gratitude is also blessing and love for Who you are, what you are doing, and the harmony and balance that you have brought into the world through this work. You can do this clearing process on the go as taught by Dr. Hew Len and Joe Vitale.  Every time a problem comes up you repeat the phrases: “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” In this simple way, you can use the ho’oponopono formula and clear energy and memories as they arise throughout your day. It is highly effective. Every time you identify with the powerful healer in you and not the problem, you are clearing and creating change for yourself.  And remember, if you’re not clearing the problem, and you engage in it instead, you are actually making the problem stronger. Energy follows thought. Any energy in your life that is causing you a problem can be healed and transformed. You can work on problems in a relationship, either past of present, a younger version of yourself, blocks and limiting beliefs, a traumatic event, a physical problem, or an emotional problem. You can transform any problem you have in your inner world or outer world.  As the energy is healed and cleared, your experience in the outer world shifts as well. If you have specific energy you would like to heal and clear, I have created a Ho’oponopono Healing Meditation that will unite your subconscious, conscious and Higher Self, allow you to relax deeply and enter theta state where healing and miracles occur, and uses Ha breathing to facilitate the healing process. It is very powerful and loving. It is my intention to help you heal, to bring you these techniques so you can free yourself of energies that no longer serve you, to clear and release them so you can experience your natural state of love, joy and personal power. Blessings on your path.

Freedom from the Past

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Freedom from the pastWhen we were young, very young, we made decisions about ourselves and the world we live in that have lasted throughout our lives. These decisions, or agreements about life, were made before we had a rational mind or the perspecitve and experience of an adult. Most of our beliefs about the world were in place before the age of five. We were only concerned with our security and being loved. And when these needs weren't met, or worse when they were violated by abuse, we came to very fearful and limiting conclusions. These early beliefs formed our perspective of the world and have directed the way we interpret our experiences for our entire life. They are filters, allowing in some experiences, twisting some around to fit our perspective and totally blocking out others. They form our reality and we will swear by what we experience. No matter how much you know differently and how much you want to experience love and freedom in your life, the old beliefs seem to jump out of the dark and control you.

There is hope.

There is hope because the past is gone. All that exists is you and the memories and charges you carry with you about the past. There is hope because although you have no control over what happened in the past, you do have control over yourself right now. Now is the moment of power. Now is where you heal. Freedom begins with the awareness that by taking charge of your inner world in the present moment, you can heal and change your experiences in life.

There is hope because your beliefs are just decisions, an agreement you made about life when you were very young and didn't know what you know now.  If you decided it once when you were very young, you can certainly make a new decision now, one that will serve you better now that you've had more experience, have gained more understanding and have grown on all levels.

There is hope because emotions are just energy. The suffering arises when you add the mental story to explain what the energy means. Without the story, it's just energy. In fact, being excited about something feels exactly the same as being anxious about something. The difference is the story you tell yourself. So, if you can become aware of how your thoughts feed your emotions, you can stop the thoughts that are feeding the feelings, and breathe the energy away. It will shift and move. Energy wants to move. It is only a problem when it becomes stuck. It stays stuck when you keep feeding it the same thoughts.

There is hope because you can control your thoughts and you can choose a new belief to live by. You can align to the new belief and watch your perspective of life change. The difficulty arises because the old beliefs have so much practice doing what they do. It takes awareness and perseverance. You become aware when an old belief has control, and when you do, you can downgrade it to 'Not Important Anymore' and replace it with your new belief. Then, give your new belief some practice. Even though, at first, it may feel awkward and false, that is only because it's new and you haven't practiced it yet. Practice aligning with your new belief. Think it, talk it, walk it. When you go back to your old belief pattern, which happens frequently, don't judge, just see it for what it is and choose to take a new direction.

There is hope because everytime you do this, you are identifying with the unlimited, powerful you, not the victim, not the separate, fearful ego. You are acting from your place of power. The old belief and the thoughts supporting it no longer have control over you. You have control over them. You are free and just doing some inner housework, cleaning up some old messes so you can more around better and not bump into things in the dark, so you can see out of the windows better, so you can feel more at home…and maybe even invite some friends over for a celebration!




How to get over someone

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Breaking up IS hard to do. Sometimes, after all the decisions are made, the moves taken care of and the lifestyles adjusted, it’s still hard to let go of focusing on your ‘ex’. Thoughts and feelings can still dominate you despite your best intentions to move on. So, how to do really get over someone and get on with your life? The reason why it’s so hard to let go is because your energy is still tied up in the old relationship. We all have energy bodies and when we interact with other people we make connections with their energy bodies. The longer the relationship lasts and the more emotional it is, the stronger those bonds. So, the person can be gone, but the bonds are still there. And, since energy follows thought, as long as you keep thinking of the other person, the longer the bonds have a hold on you. One of the most beautiful things about Huna, is ho’oponopono, which means ‘making things right’. Huna is a very ancient psycho-spiritual system whose core is harmony and love with yourself and the world. Try this Huna exercise to free you and help you move on. 1. Picture a stage below you. On that stage, picture the person you want to get over. 2. Now picture pure, loving Light coming in through the top of your head and moving through your heart, streaming down to the heart of the person on the stage. 3. Say to the person on the stage, “We have had our time together and it’s now time to move on. I forgive you for all hurts and set you free. Do you forgive me?” Now, realize that all of this is going on energetically within you. In order to move on, forgiveness is freedom. If you hold on to hurts and injuries, you are only continuing to hurt yourself more. It’s affecting you, not the other person. So, by forgiving, you’re not freeing the other person as much as you’re freeing yourself. If you have trouble with this, ask your Spiritual Self for help with forgiving and move on to the next step, then go over the whole process again another time until it all feels good. 4. Picture all the energetic cords running from you to this other person and from the other person to you. All the cords created over the time of the relationship. Take an imaginary knife, or violet fire sword, and swing it through all the cords. Imagine the sound it makes as you cut the cords…ffffft…ffffft! Just imagine severing all of them, sealing the ends and having all that energy return to you. That is exactly what it happening. All that energy IS returning to you. Claim it. Own it. It’s yours. 5. Have the stage and person dissolve into the Light and feel all that new energy within you. Energy from the cut cords flooding into you, the Light from above filling you with Love. 6. Now, open your eyes and take a deep breath and feel your gratitude for the shift that just took place. 7. You can repeat this process as often as you like until you feel really, really good about your new freedom. 8. Everytime you find yourself starting to think of the other person, say, “Thank you, God (or Goddess, Spirit, Universe – whatever you want to call It), that I don’t have to think of that anymore.” This is very powerful as it keeps you from re-establishing and feeding new energy bonds, and, as you say thank you, you are acknowledging that it is done. 9. Now,  stop looking  back in time and turn around, look off into the future at all the amazing possibilities that lie before you. Life is good. Choose well.

Expanding Your Awareness and Compassion in Relationships

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We are so used to always seeing things from our own viewpoint. We know that what we experience is determined by our beliefs and filters and that these beliefs and filters were set in place at a young age before the life you are living now even existed. Yet we are so attached to our limited views that we will defend them aggressively in any argument. If you find yourself in a quarrel with someone, try this simple technique to expand your perspective and enable you to see a problem with more awareness and compassion.

1) First, see things from the 1st perspective.

See the situation through your own eyes, becoming aware of your own thoughts and feelings and considering your own needs.

2) Next, switch to the 2nd perspective.

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and imagine what it’s like to be that person, looking back at yourself, seeing, hearing, and feeling as the other person. Consider the needs of the other person.

3) Then, see things from the 3rd Perspective.

Take a detached viewpoint. Imagine you are looking at yourself and the other person ‘over there’ – seeing the two of them speaking, gesturing, watching their expressions, etc. Pay particular attention to non-verbal behavior such as the body language and the sound of their voices.

4) Lastly, as a result of taking these separate viewpoints,  ask yourself what advice you wish to give ‘yourself’ about how you are handling the situation.

Expanding your awareness in this way will give you more compassion, allow you to think ‘out of the box’ opening to new insights, and raise you to a new level of being.  Awareness is an amazing tool for growth and changing your perspective changes the way you see any situation.

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