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A Breathing Technique for Energy Healing

Written by Pamela Turner. Posted in Awareness, Breathing, Energy, Healing, Huna, Inner Mastery, Law of Attraction, Mind-body Healing, Techniques

Energy healingEnergy follows thought! This is a Huna principle that can change your life. What it means is that whatever you focusing on, you are energizing and expanding. So, how can this help you with pain or disease? So often, when we are feeling discomfort, we focus on the discomfort and tell an ongoing story about how much it hurts. This, in effect, is sending energy to the pain. Instead, try this visualisation/breathing technique. When you inhale focus on the pain, then take a long exhale and focus on the sky, or imagine the faraway stars. As you repeat this process, you are actually dispersing the painful energy and healing the underlying energy that is causing the pain.

You can also reverse this process and send the kind of energy you want to any part of your body with this same breathing technique. For instance, if part of your body is weak, you can imagine something strong, like a mountain, or bear, whatever works for you, while you inhale. Then as you exhale, focus on the weakness in your body. This carries the energy of strength to the weakness. The best images to focus on are the ones that have the most meaning for you. Ask your subconscious, what is a good symbol of strength, or health, or peace, etc. Then use that symbol.

As you work with this breathing technique, you will see that you can use it for anything! You can focus on a symbol of wealth as you inhale, then exhale all that abundance into your image of your bank account. Focus on a symbol of  love as you inhale, then focus on your heart as you exhale. Focus on an image of how you want to look 20 pounds lighter as you inhale, then focus on your body as you exhale. Focus on love and peace while you inhale and focus on a friend or loved one as you exhale.

You are the master of your inner world and you can direct the energy any way you like. The truth is we are doing this all the time without being aware of what we're doing. Alot of times we're actually creating what we don't want by dwelling on the wrong things.  Now, you can do it consciously and choose how you want to use it. Energy follows thought.